Kieselstein Law Firm: Who We Are.


Two decades of distressed loan market experience.

Practicing full-time in this area since the late 1980’s has given us a deeper understanding of the most effective ways to navigate the transfer documentation process, and enables us to help our clients distinguish acceptable risk from risk worth worrying about.

Sharing our clients’ perspective.

The hedge funds, registered investment companies and other institutional investors that are our firm’s principal clients often have very different legal and business interests than those of the broker-dealers with whom they necessarily transact. Sharing our clients’ perspective enables us to aggressively challenge unfavorable secondary loan market trends as they develop, and ensures that issues of particular importance to our clients will not be overlooked.

Narrowly focused.

Advising clients on secondary loan market transactions is not a sidelight for us, or a means to an end. It is our primary focus and our passion.

Built to deliver value.

Our moderate overhead, creative staffing and rapid implementation of new technology enable us to provide attorney-level attention and uncompromising responsiveness on the trades we handle from inception to conclusion.