Built to deliver value

Our moderate overhead, creative staffing and rapid implementation of new technology enable us to provide attorney-level attention and uncompromising responsiveness on the trades we handle from inception to conclusion.

Since the fall of Lehman Brothers, many larger law firms have reduced the overall cost of their services by shifting distressed debt work to paralegals who often bill as much per hour as many associates billed per hour only a few years ago.

We take a different approach. Our matters are staffed from beginning to end with firm associates, billed at more moderate rates, taking the lead, under senior attorney supervision and with paralegal support where appropriate. To our way of thinking, although the secondary loan market has matured significantly over the past fifteen years, handling distressed debt trades is still not simply a matter of filling out preprinted forms, but involves real client risk requiring legal analysis and comprehension, and negotiation and communication skills, for which firm attorneys are often the more appropriate choice.

This affords us the opportunity to share detailed explanations of distressed debt documentation concepts and principles more regularly with our clients’ analysts, traders, in-house legal staff and closers, and to make sure that they truly understand the implications of a particular transaction for their firms.